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Safeguarding of integrity

Report Concerns

DB Schenker aims to act in an ethical manner in all business transactions and in compliance with statutory provisions.

However, situations might occur in which information about suspected violations of law or serious misconduct needs to be reported. DB Schenker therefore offers various channels for customers, business partners and employees to submit reports about suspected infringements.

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Integrity is one of DB Schenker’s key principles. Please help us ensure all DB Schenker employees conduct themselves in an ethical manner. If you observe misconduct, do not hesitate to file a report through the DB Schenker Alert Line.

The DB Schenker Alert Line is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, worldwide. This guarantees accessibility to every DB Schenker customer, business partner, and employee regardless of time or place. The DB Schenker Alert Line was established as a supplement to the existing reporting channels, which include the Corporate Compliance Department and the ombudspersons. The DB Schenker Alert Line is a service provided by our business partner, GCS Europe Ltd. All reports will be handled by dedicated experts.

Where local laws allow it, reports can be made anonymously through the DB Schenker Alert Line, but we encourage you to include your name when submitting a report.

The DB Schenker Alert Line was established for reporting conduct that is inconsistent with DB Schenker’s commitment to conducting business to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The type of misconduct that can be handled through the DB Schenker Alert Line varies due to different laws around the world. If your report contains information that cannot be handled through the DB Schenker Alert Line, you will receive a message explaining this and providing further information about where your report can be made.

The DB Schenker Alert Line may not be used to knowingly submit false or slanderous statements or information. Improper submissions of this nature can give rise to serious consequences under civil or criminal law.

In order to simplify communications through the DB Schenker Alert Line, please use your Report Number and Personal Identification Number that you will receive after filing your report. If your report was submitted anonymously, communications will not reveal your identity.

Reports will be handled confidentially. Under some circumstances, however, public authorities can invoke applicable laws and compel the company to disclose information submitted via the DB Schenker Alert Line. Please click here to view our Data Privacy Policy:

Data Privacy Policy

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You can access the DB Schenker Alert Line as follows:

Via our website: DB Schenker Alert Line

Via the phone:

CountryDialing Number
Hong Kong800-96-4839
All other countries855-314-6245

Last modified: 04.08.2014

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