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Innovation Management

Our strategy for the future

Calling for, promoting and implementing innovations are essential components of our corporate culture. We ensure that ideas and innovations are managed systematically, setting new standards for markets.

As one of the world’s leading logistics services providers, we must be able to react quickly to new surrounding conditions. To do so, we need processes that make our work more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. We actively encourage new ideas through our innovation management program. Innovations include new products launched on the market, but they can also take the form of a new process, a new product, an organization, a business model or social innovation.

We take a systematic approach to managing ideas and innovations: from gathering ideas, evaluating potential, conducting feasibility studies, creating business cases and development to carrying out pilot projects and market launch. This process focuses on cooperation with internal and external partners from industry and research. We steer the innovation process and work together with the internal business units to develop new approaches.

Products of our innovation process include the innovative DB Schenker Smartbox, the social media and knowledge management platform “Kompass” and a transport concept for a major automotive manufacturer, which involved the “Mobiler” technology and an innovative adaptation to container railcars to find a cost-effective and uncomplicated road/rail solution with jumbo swap bodies.

Last modified: 07.07.2014

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