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Vision and Goals

Today’s ideas are the innovations of tomorrow

As one of the world’s leading logistics and transportation service providers, we want to actively shape the world of tomorrow. We bring science and business together and set a course for the future with innovative concepts.

In the future, the logistics sector will face ever greater challenges. Traffic flows are growing and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, yet the highest standards in reliability and efficiency must nevertheless be met. We have developed DB Schenker Laboratories to meet these challenges. These think tanks establish ties between the scientific and business communities with the aim of developing today’s ideas into the innovations of tomorrow.

We collaborate with renowned universities and various Fraunhofer Institutes and are constantly expanding our network. We actively advance innovation by promoting science and junior staff training. We assess the market relevance and feasibility of new concepts, coordinate the interests of the different parties involved and coordinate activities with the internal business units. In this way we strike a balance between the economic requirements of day-to-day logistics activities and universal findings gained from scientific enterprise. Our aim is to offer the best services that benefit us all: our customers, our company and not least the climate and environment.

Last modified: 07.07.2014

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