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Schenker AG

Markus Sontheimer

Member of the Board of Management, Schenker AG, responsible for IT and Digitalization.

Markus Sontheimer was born in Friedrichshafen, Germany in 1968. Mr. Sontheimer has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, which was awarded by the Technical University in Esslingen. In 1994, he started his professional career at Daimler AG where he held various senior positions (both nationally and internationally) including the positions of CIO for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, and CIO of the Daimler Financial Services AG. During the last 5 years he restructured and transformed the global IT for Group Finance at Deutsche Bank and became CIO Finance.

Markus Sontheimer joined the Board of Management team at Schenker AG on 1st December 2015 as the Chief Information Officer (CIO).
On 22nd June 2016 he was appointed the additional role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Schenker AG by the Supervisory Board.  As the Chief Information & Digital Officer he is responsible for IT and Digitalization.  

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