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[160711] Nepartak Typhoon Advisory

Please be informed on this general advisory regarding the effects of super typhoon Nepartak on Taiwan, China and the Philippines.


Super typhoon Nepartak reached Taiwan on 7th July. 

As of 11th July, DB Schenker operations are back to normal. There were no damages done on cargo and facility and impacts were minimal.

However, the regions of Taitung and Halian suffered serious damage due to the storm. Shipments to the east coast of the country are expected to be delayed. 

Operational updates will be provided as soon as available. But information on the situation can be checked through this link: http://www.cwb.gov.tw/V7e/prevent/typhoon/ty.htm

For emergency issues, you may contact:

Reiner Allgeier
Managing Director
+886 966 775 158

Alex Hub
+886 935 562 513

Vincent Liu
Director, Airfreight
+886 932 018 886

James Liang
Director, Ocean freight
+886 932 101 638

Ted Huang
Head, KAM & Sales
+886 935 079 323

Richard Lee
Head, SCM/Contract Logistics
+886 922 698 120

Danny Huang
Station Manager, HSZ
+886 932 290 542

Leo Huang
Director, KHH, TNN and TXG
+886 928 399 881

CHINA (as of 7th July)

Airport terminals in Xiamen and Fuzhou will be closed by 14:00hrs today, 8th July. Meanwhile, the regions' ocean terminals have been closed since 18:00hrs, 7th July. All terminals are expected to remain close until further advice from the operators.


As of 11th July, businesses observe normal operations and DB Schenker suffered only minimal impacts in transportation throughout the weekend.

Last modified: 11.07.2016


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