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[160916] Bangalore Advisory Update

Please be informed on this general advisory regarding the unrest in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, India.

Karnataka (Bangalore Update)

Bangalore & the affected suburbs are getting back to normal after three days of disruption due to violence & vandalism in the city as reported earlier. Offices, warehouses, and business establishments have gone back to normal operation. Vehicles registered in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, however, refuse to pass into either states because of possible violent exchanges from both states. Delay in transportation and a cut in the availability of vehicles in both states are expected to last up until this week.

Tamil Nadu(Chennai & Satellites) & Pondicherry Update

Few trade associations have called for state wide closure condemning the attack / violence on Tamil community & vehicles on 12th September 2016 in Karnataka.  As a result of the state wide closure schools, petrol stations, cargo transportation in and out of the state, shops (2.2 Million establishments) & markets will remain closed.  Although there are no statements made on government establishment closures, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone posted.  Public transportation within the city is expected to be operational; Schenker India Regional Office, Warehouses & Satellite Offices in Tamil Nadu will be functional as per normal. 

Online news articles provide more details of the actual incident.

For emergency issues, you may contact:

N. C. Sachidanandan
+91 804 037 6904
+91 990 024 1336

Manivannan R.N.
Branch Manager
+91 9740530055

K. Suresh Kumar
Regional Director
+91 9987085808

Last modified: 16.09.2016


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