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[161213] Cyclone Vardah Advisory

Please be informed on this general advisory regarding the effects of cyclone Verda on India.

Cyclone Vardah has made landfall in Chennai, bringing in winds up to 180kph. Glass facades, advertisements and sign boards across many buildings were blown down and some trees have been uprooted. However. local weather reports believe the cyclone will weaken as it passes through Bangalore.

As of 13th December, operations in DB Schenker's offices have seen minor impact. Electricity is unavailable in many locations but are expected to be reconnected to the grid within the day.

Sea port operations have been suspended, particularly for discharging and loading vessels. Resumption is expected within the day but is subject to the readiness of each port and will follow an advice from the respective port authorities.

Flights to and from Chennai have been experiencing delays and some were diverted to Bangalore. Similarly, it is expected that the situation will improve within the day.

If you have concerns on your shipments, please feel free to contact your agent directly.

We will continue to provide updates through this page.

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Last modified: 13.12.2016


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