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Indonesia Typhoon Advisory

Please be advised on this general advisory as of February 11, 2015 17:00 hrs


Due to heavy rain and severe flooding, some of our operations in Indonesia are affected, as access roads are closed. There are no reports of injuries or casualties among our staff, though some employees homes have been affected.  We do not see major improvements within the next week, hence delays are to be expected.


The operations and distribution of goods to Tanjung Priok port and Cengkareng airport has been disrupted and so is the supply of materials from the port to the industrial estates.

The floods are affecting Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikarang and Karawang.

Please refer to the colleagues listed below for urgent operational contacts: 

  • Per Soerensen
    Head of Ocean Freight
    Email: per.soerensen@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +62 81 8911 220
  • Christian Beck
    Head of Airfreight
    Email: christian.beck@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +62 81 7083 9558
  • Syaiful Rachman
    Head of Logistic
    Email: syaiful.rachman@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +62 81 8817 964
  • Henry Lowis
    Head of KAM/Sales
    Email: henry.lowis@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +62 81 2102 4584
  • Arief Hidayat
    Head of Global Projects/Oil & Gas
    Email: arief.hidayat@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +62 81 7011 4844

Last modified: 11.02.2015


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