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India Rainfall Advisory

Please be advised on this general advisory as of June 24, 2015 (14:00hrs)


Mumbai has experienced heavy downpour late last week, severely affecting transportation. 


Shipments on the 19th and 20th June were not cleared due to the rainfall. Clearance procedures and port activities are still experiencing delays partly due to the low attendance in the offices' workforce. Traffic, especially through the Pune-Mumbai express highway, is heavy due to landslides in the area. Thus, trucks are using alternative routes to reach Mumbai.

However, the situation is seen to be improving and DB Schenker is working on releasing the priority shipments and streamline the operation as early as possible.

Please refer to the colleagues listed below for urgent operational contacts: 

  • Nitin Shirkar
    Email: nitin.shirkar@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 98210 65912
  • Sunil Naik
    Customer Service
    Email: sunil.naik@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 98213 32390
  • Hiren Vedant
    Ocean freight (Import)
    Email: hiren.vedant@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 99200 86542
  • Yatin Shibe
    Ocean freight (Export)
    Email: yatin.shibe@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 98201 13976
  • Ryan Oliver
    Contract Logistics
    Email: ryan.oliver@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 98201 91627
  • Vaibhav Deorukhar
    Email: vaibhav.deorukhar@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 8652 619497
  • Sudhakar Kamath
    Customs Clearance
    Email: sudhakar.kamath@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 98331 09175
  • Vivek Raman Rao
    Email: vivek.rao@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 93235 48423
  • Santosh Prabhu
    Fairs and Exhibitions
    Email: santosh.prabhu@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 97694 46660
  • Rajneesh Sharma
    Email: rahneesh.sharma@dbschenker.com
    Phone: +91 99305 31327

Last modified: 24.06.2015


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