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Explosions at Tianjin Port [As of 18th August, 17:00 hrs]

Due to massive explosions in a warehouse storing dangerous and chemical goods in the port area of north-eastern Chinese city Tianjin in the night from 12th to 13th August, Tianjin ports operations are heavily affected.

Updates as of 18th August, 17:00 hrs: 

- The port of Tianjin has six container terminal. Five of them are now 100% operational. The only terminal (closest to the blast site) still affected by the explosion is the “EuroAsia Terminal” which services the following 3 carriers on 5 service loops. The terminal is not fully shut down, but due to the proximity to the blast site the weather (rain) causes intermittent shut-downs due to fear of chemical reactions of exposed hazardous materials with water:

  CMA – CIMEX1 service (to Middle East)

  CMA – BMX service (to Hong Kong and Manila)

  HANJIN – KPI service (to South East Asia / Australia / Red Sea area)

  HANJIN – TEF service (to the Mediterranean)  

  CSCL – AMA service (to the Mediterranean)

- Customs services have resumed but at a low productivity as most time is spent by officers on cancelling entries and re-declaring cargo which could not be loaded last week.

- Since the blast, there were 5 sailings which have omitted Tianjin port (details to follow).

- There was a severe impact on a couple of big empty container depots with most of the equipment having been destroyed, but so far there are no reports of equipment shortages.

- Also, many trucks and chassis used for local container drayage were destroyed; there is a chance for a temporary shortage of truck capacity.

- CFS container loading services remain suspended in the Tianjin port area  which affects all LCL cargo.

- The handling of DG cargo, both import and export, remains completely suspended. Any shipment on the water (with destination Tianjin) will most likely be diverted to be discharged and stored at major transshipment ports (Singapore, Busan etc…) pending final decision by shippers/consignees which port in China to finally move the containers to. According to many carriers, additional charges for this might be claimed from customers.

- Geographically, Qingdao is the port nearest to Tianjin in order to execute contingencies. DB Schenker in Tianjin has already diverted dozens of containers to Qingdao this week.

- So far, DB Schenker is only aware of 4 LCL shipments which are considered as “missing” resp. “destroyed” as the entire CFS warehouse burnt down completely.

- There is no information about any laden containers handled by DB Schenker which might have been impacted by the blast. DB Schenker in Tianjin is still checking with the various depots to verify exact status.

Updates as of 18th August, 16:30 hrs:

Terminal update

  • Only Eurasia International Terminal remains closed
  • Other terminals are resuming operation on a case by case basis, subject to approval from the authorities
  • Vessels are slowly operating or awaiting further communication
  • Vessel delays are therefore still to be expected

Warehouse update

  • Warehouses on-site remain closed, no container loading possible causing further delay of container delivery to the terminals
  • Empty container storage warehouse of carriers has been reopened to handle empty container pick-up operations, current shortage of container storage

Customs update

  • Customs clearance operation speed has made progress since yesterday

Vessel update

  • Vessel schedules of all carriers have basically returned to normality

DG update

  • The handling of both import and export dangerous cargo containers remain completely banned.
  • The handling of on-boarding dangerous cargo from the rest of the world to Tianjin Xingang will be dischargerd at Busan port, Korea, or other transit port accordingly.
  • Discharge port can be changed to Dalian or Qingdao, subject to operational feasibility and surcharge.

Updates as of 17th August, 17:30 hrs:

Equipment/depot/customs updates

- Depots partially opened, productivity is limited

- Agency: back to normal

- Customs: Back to normal but productivity still limited

  • Zhenhua and Tiansheng can handle small amount export pick up
  • Mammon has transferred business center to East Harbour, Internet is back online. Empty pick up is possible, productivity is still limited
  • Goldlion East Harbour can handle small amount cargo stuffing

Depot on Import

  • Mammon No. 3 depot/Tiansheng/Zhenhua in North Harbour and Mammon/Goldlion in East Harbour can handle small amount of import return
  • Mammon has transferred business center to East Harbour, Internet is back online. Import return is possible, productivity is still limited.

Updates as of 17th August, 15:00 hrs:

Port & terminal operations

  • As of Friday, 14th August, terminal operations and custom procedures have resumed but progress is still slow
  • Only Eurasia International Terminal is still closed
  • Most warehouses are still closed, container pick-up and loading are currently inoperable; Containers are sent to terminals with delay

DG update

  • Export DG cargo operations and bookings remain on hold
  • Import DG cargos that have permission from Tianjin customs and Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration can be discharged and picked-up directly from the terminal
  • Import DG cargoes that are still on the vessels are redirected to other ports for unloading
  • Vessels’ departure/arrival procedures have been gradually resumed. Some vessels with ETD for 16th August could leave on time

Updates as of 14th August, 18:00 hrs:

Maersk vessel:

AE20 MSC FABIOLA 533W  11:50 Aug-14 SAILED

TP10 MSC ANNICK FQ533E ETD 03:30 Aug-15

AE2 MSC AMSTERDAM 533W ETA 17:00 Aug-15,ETD is pending, pick-up service resumed  in depot Zhenhua and Tiansheng.


CSCL vessel:

CSCL NEPTUNE V.0047W ETD 19:00, Aug-15.

COSCO FOS V.019S ETA, Aug-14

CMA CGM CHRISTOPHE COLOMB 02SFLW  ETA 13:00,Aug-14,ETD 12:00, Aug-15






Vessel Name

Ship Route



Philippa Schulte 011XWS











In progress




In progress




In progress

Updates as of 14th August, 16:30 hrs:

Terminal status

- Pacific International Terminal was re-opened this morning

- The other five terminals are partly running operations again

  • Wuzhou International Terminal was re-opened this morning
  • Container International Terminal was re-opened this morning
  • TOCT international Terminal is re-opened this morning
  • Alliance International Terminal is still under reparation
  •  Eurasia International Terminal is still under reparation

Vessel updates

  • Vessels with permission from Harbor Bureau of Tianjin are allowed to enter North Harbor Basin of Tianjin port
  • However, all vessels carrying DG cargo are still not allowed to enter the port and need to be redirected, new arrival ports have not been announced yet
  • DG shipments can still not departure from Tianjin port

Updates as of 14th August, 9:00 hrs:


- Vessel MOSEL TRADER 0079OS/15012S, ETD 15-AUG has been cancelled

  • All cargo will be re-loaded onto vessel: LORRAINE 011XK/15002S, ETD 15-AUG 
  • The vessel will transit via Hong Kong through vessel: BOX VOYAGER 015QAS, ETA 26-AUG, then go to JAKARTA, ETA 03-SEP, and arrive in SURABAYA, ETA 05-SEP

- Vessel name: LORRAINE 011XK/15002S, ETA 15-AUG 16:00 ETP 16-AUG 07:00


- All Terminal operation staff has been evacuated from the terminal tentatively 

- Vessel JAN RITSCHER 1513 has been cancelled


- Rearranged route for NCKT1 for Tianjin-Yantai-Northeast China as following:

  • Vessel MV. NORTHERN VOLITION V-1515W/1516ENew Route: Port YNT (ETP 15-AUG) – TXG (ETP 16-AUG) – TYO (ETP 20-AUG) – YOK (ETP 21-AUG) – NGO (ETP 22-AUG) TXG (ETP 28-AUG) – YNT (ETP 29-AUG)

Updates as of 13th August, 17:30 hrs:

Channel for ships arriving to and leaving Tianjin port has been opened. All terminal information will be announced in due time.

DB Schenker has already completed operation processes of containers at the Tianjin stockyards of Zhenhua, Qihang and Yiming, none of these containers were damaged.

Terminal update

  • Pacific International Terminal is expected to resume operations at 4pm today
  • Operations in Alliance and Wuzhou International Terminal are in good order
  • Euroasia International Terminal is only open for entering and pick-up service

Depot status

  • Only Keyun Depot is currently open for placing container
  • Marleen Depot and Golden Lion Depot suffered serious damages

Impact on container ships at Tianjin port

  • CSCL NEPTUNE: 40 TEUs were unloaded for import operations
  • CSCL NEPTUNE: 50 TEUs of imported dangerous goods need to be relocated to another port, 27 TEUs of dangerous goods for export are currently not allowed to be loaded at Tianjin port
  • CSCL NEPTUNE: as of Aug 13, 2015, 10:40am shipping orders for 66 shipments have not been given, 133 TEUs have not yet arrived to the port, a total of 200 TEUs are currently not allowed to be loaded

Impact on future container ships

  • Hong Xiang Da: currently operated at Yingkou port and estimated to arrive at Tianjin port on Aug 14, at 5pm with delayed arrival to Wuzhou terminal due to increased port traffic
  • Some of the stockyards at Tianjin port are impacted due to the traffic control, operations can be delayed

Impact on roads around Tianjin port

  • Except for gate no. 7 gate, all roads around Tianjin port are re-opened

Due to caused damages, Tianjin International Trade and Shipping Service Center had to temporarily relocate the following offices to below listed addresses:

Customs Affairs
1st floor, Customs Building, the 3rd Street, Tianjin Binhai New District Development Zone

CIQ Affairs
1st floor, Tianjin Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, No.51 Xincheng West Road, the 2nd Street, Tianjin Binhai New District Development Zone
Tel.: +86 22 6566 1779 / +86 22 6566 1773

Marine Affairs
Government affairs center, Haihe Maritime Safety Administration, 1st floor Yanzhao Building, Xiangluowan, Tianjin Binhai New District
Tel: +86 22 5887 3609

Port Group
Onsite offices at all terminals

Updates as of 13th August, 14:30 hrs:

  • Vessel status
Vessel nameIn/OutOriginal arrival/departure timeCurrent status
CMA CGM CHRISTOPHE COLOMBIn2015/8/13 1:302015/8/13 9:30:00 (has not arrive yet)
SHABGOUNOut2015/8/13 11:30Canceled
PHILIPPA SCHULTEIn2015/8/13 13:30Canceled
MSC FABIOLAIn2015/8/13 16:00Canceled
  • Terminal status

        -     Pacific International Terminal stopped operations as all passing roads to this terminal are closed

        -     The other five terminals are partly running operations

                -> Alliance International Terminal re-opened this morning

                ->  Eurasia International Terminal will re-open soon

                ->  Wuzhou International Terminal is under reparation 

  • DG Cargo

        -    DG cargo is currently prohibited at Tianjin port according to Tianjin Harbor Bureau notice

  • Impact on future vessels

         -   As operations at many terminals are not running normally, there will be a major impact on future vessels in  regard to arrival times and customer clearance processes

  • Impact on roads around Tianjin port

        -    Tianjin port, no.7 gate has been closed, no entry possible

        -    Yuejin road has been closed, no entry possible

        -    The Ninth Street from Beihai road to Donghai road section has been closed, no entry possible

        -    Donghai road from gate no. 8 to no. 4 road section has been closed, no entry possible

        -    Tianjin port gates no. 5 and 8 are open for entry and exit

Updates as of 13th August, 1100 hrs:

  • Tianjin port, No. 7 gate has been closed, currently no entry possible
  • The terminal stopped operations, no containers can currently be delivered
  • Customs operations are currently on hold as the system was damaged by the explosion
  • At this point in time, no detailed cargo information is available from the terminals

The DB Schenker team in Tianjin is currently checking the cargo status and impact on the operations at Tianjin port.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide you with regular updates every 2-4 hours.

For specific questions and requests, please send an email to enquiry.cn@dbschenker.com

Last modified: 19.08.2015


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