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Lunar New Year and Tet Holiday

The region joins our colleagues in celebrating the Lunar New Year and the Tet holiday through e-cards, courtesy of Schenker China Ltd. and Schenker Vietnam Co. Ltd.

You may download the files through the links below: 

Lunar New Year ecard

Courtesy of Schenker China Ltd.

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JPG Download

Tet Holiday ecard

Courtesy of Schenker Vietnam Co. Ltd.

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In line with the celebration, please be advised that our offices in the following countries will have their corresponding public holidays:

China27th January to 2nd FebruaryEmergency contact list (XLS | 0,16 MB)
Hong Kong 28th to 31st January
South Korea27th to 30th January
Taiwan27th January to 1st February

26th January to 1st February

Emergency contact list
Mrs. Tran Nga,  Air Import Manager Hanoi 

+84 915 088 566


Mrs. Huynh Thao,  Air Import Manager HCMC

+84 903 759 357

Mrs. Diep Dang,  Air Export Manager HCMC and pricing Vietnam 

+84 913 160 477


Mrs. Hoai, Air Export Manager Hanoi

+84 904 882 122


Mr. Sven Mueller, Head of Air Freight (Escalation)+84 919 175 983 sven-mueller@dbschenker.com
Ocean freight
Mrs. Ngoc Suong, Ocean Export HCMC+84 913 122 029suong.nguyen@dbschenker.com
Mrs. Jasmine Tran,  Ocean Import HCMC+84 938 500 199jasmine.tran@dbschenker.com
Mrs. Bich Hanh, Ocean Export Hanoi+84 912 378 448bich.hanh@dbschenker.com
Mrs. Mai Pham, Ocean Import Hanoi+84 912 275 404mai.pham@dbschenker.com
Mr. Emanuel Avermaete, Head of Ocean Freight (Escalation)+84 908 958 939emanuel.avermaete@dbschenker.com
Mr. Ngo Xuan Son, Transportation & Customs Supervisor (Hanoi)+84 934 607 787 dennis.ngo@dbschenker.com
Mr. Vu Duc Thinh, MS Onsite Operation Manager (Microsoft Bac Ninh)+84 903 262 659 duc-thinh.vu@dbschenker.com
Mr. Truong Nguyen Vu, Customs Manager (HCMC for customs brokerage service)+84 909 591246 nguyen-vu.truong@dbschenker.com
Mr. Mat Qui Dam, HCM Transport Supervisor+84 903883532dam.mat@dbschenker.com

Ms. Dam Minh Tam, Asst to Head of Transportation & Customer Service Executive (Escalation)

+84 938 208 668 minh-tam.dam@dbschenker.com

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Thanh, Head of Transportation & Customs Brokerage VN (Escalation)

+84 908 020 156 hoai.thanh@dbschenker.com

Last modified: 20.01.2017


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