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DB Schenker starts first freight train from Hamburg to Zhengzou

Board member Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch: “Our customers benefit from our extensive experience of many years of Asia rail traffic"

For the first time ever, DB Schenker together with the City and Port Authority of Zhengzhou (Province Henan) has started today a first freight train ride from Hamburg to the central Chinese city. Management Board Member for Transportation and Logistics at DB Mobility Logistics AG, Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, the City Councilor for Economy, Traffic and Innovation of Hamburg, Dr. Bernd Egert and the Governor of the Chinese Province Henan, Xie Fuzhan, together with further representatives from Politics and Business gave the official start signal for the departure of the train in the DUSS Terminal Hamburg-Billwerder. The train loaded with 41 containers transports among others industrial robots for an international technology firm. Also, it is available for further interested customers as a so-called “Multi-Customer-Train”.

Already from August 2013, DB Schenker has been logistics partner of the Zhengzhou City Administration for the running of weekly trains to Hamburg. Now, there shall be regular train traffic also in the opposite direction. "Our customers benefit from the experience DB Schenker has been able to accumulate over many years, for the transport of goods by rail from and to China", says Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch. "The ever increasing goods traffic with China offers a lot of potential, and at the same time we see an increase for transports to China by rail as well."

City Councilor Dr. Egert said: "The Hansestadt Hamburg is a pioneer in the China trade. We are proud that from today, Hamburg is not only a destination but also a starting point for goods exchange with China by rail."

The train to Zhengzhou takes around 17 days for the 10,214 km distance through Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan to China. Hence, it is about 20 days faster than ocean freight. DB Schenker has been running regular weekly block-train services between China and Germany since 2011. Most of DB Schenker's customers are from the automotive and electronics industries. Between 2012 and 2014, a total of 40,000 containers (measured on the basis of a 20 foot container) have been travelling between China and Europe on behalf of DB Schenker. In China, DB Schenker Logistics has 160 sites in 62 cities and employs more than 5,000 co-workers.

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Last modified: 04.09.2014


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