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G20 Summit

DB Schenker first time ever in managing logistics for the G20 Summit.

The task of moving the belongings of some of the world’s most powerful people, their minders and media around Brisbane, Queensland for the G20 Summit was a challenge successfully met by Schenker Australia Pty Ltd.

Contracted by the Commonwealth Government, who were ultimately responsible for all operations and security around the event, Schenker Australia, was responsible for the luggage and equipment logistics for 25 countries, 5300 government delegates, 2300 media and more than 2,000 police. Schenker Australia previous major logistics tasks also included the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Sabine Schlosser, Manager for Sports, Events and Exhibitions for DB Schenker in Australia and New Zealand, was the G20 Project Manager and had carriage of the transport arrangements throughout the period of the summit. She had 200 staff and security-cleared volunteers in addition to 40 trucks at her disposal to handle inbound and outbound movements for the delegations.

“The high levels of security surrounding the national leaders demanded that key information about their arrival times and hotels was often provided just 30 minutes before arrival,” said Mrs. Schlosser who, with her team, diligently worked extended operating hours in co-ordinating the logistics.

“We were well prepared for the fact that we would have virtually little to no information until the very last minute in time for us to get appropriate vehicles to the right locations. We just needed to be ready with our rostered teams at the G20 terminal at the airport, specific vehicles and drivers, as well as our roving venues team.

“There were multiple challenges from unpredictable elements like people running late or changing their plans, multiple security checks for our vehicles to screen for explosives and other devices, as well as linguistics and translations on the go”.

Mrs. Schlosser said that, together with the ability to respond immediately, common sense and flexibility were crucial to keep on top of multiple demands and requests from the various delegations.“We often had no idea how many pieces of baggage were arriving on the State planes carrying the leaders,” she said.

“Each delegation had one or more baggage masters overseeing their loads. Every nation had different ways of operating and we had to respond to individual requirements - how and where items were loaded, where they went and what level of security had to be applied.

CEO of DB Schenker in Australia, Ron Koehler, congratulated the G20 Taskforce on the event and their co-operation and flexibility across the three days of intensive activity.

“Our team, headed by Sabine Schlosser, was delighted with the combined team-work effort throughout long and demanding days. The systems and processes were in place but it was the motivation of everyone involved that really made the entire event go smoothly,” Mr Koehler said.

“And special mention to Richard Holy, our General Manager in Brisbane Queensland, with his support and involvement which ensured the entire event and all operations went smoothly. “

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