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SCM Consulting

Time tested solutions in the supply chain industry

One of the most critical elements to a well functioning supply chain is adequate design. This element is critical in ensuring that your planning and strategic cycles are well considered.

DB Schenker over the last hundred years has time and time again designed and innovated leading solutions and practices in the supply chain industry.

This know-how is also available to clients. These services are independent and consider your needs as the priority with the aim to being continual supply chain optimization. We help determine what the best networks and supply chain designs would suit your business.

  • Supply Chain Analysis and Optimization
  • Material Flow Process Optimization
  • Network Design
  • Facility Layout Design
  • Solution Design
  • Business strategy
  • Operational audits
  • Re-Engineering and Analytics

At DB Schenker our trained logisticians, industrial engineers, operations researchers, mathematicians and commercially astute business leaders are able to leverage our wealth and breadth of knowledge to support your business strategy. Our capabilities are unique in that they combine the technical, with the operational and the strategic, such a holistic approach ensures that we optimize your supply chain and advise your business to enable planning and designing of the best logistics solutions.

We also apply the latest technologies and techniques for the optimization of your supply chain that range from network optimization to simulation modeling and layout design. Such tools support and test scenarios so that risks are minimized and impacts of changes or activities are well understood.

The greatest thing is that we ‘walk the talk’ since we are also able to implement, execute and provide services that are commensurate with our recommendations. With DB Schenker, you have found a real partner to support your business success!

Last modified: 26.02.2015

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