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After Sales Logistics

Experience for greater customer intimacy

DB Schenker’s value of “To each his own, but not without standards” ensures commitment to create the “just right” quality logistics services to support After Sales activities for every organization and every industry to increase brand recognition and loyalty.

Every supply chain from source to consumption is complex and unique.  However, most organizations understand that one of the greatest challenges in the supply chain begins after customers receive their products.  You will need to provide your customers with a sense of comfort to continue using your products while ensuring such support are cost efficient to achieve the best cost-benefit proposition for your organization.

At DB Schenker, achieving such a balanced supply chain is not just a concept, but a winning formula based on Schenker’s successful partnerships with our customers in various industries. 

Service Parts Logistics
DB Schenker’s experts craft effective solutions combining DB Schenker’s worldwide warehousing infrastructure, logistics expertise and multi-modal transportation network to ensure your customer has the right part, at the right place, and at the right time.  These solutions aim to enable supply chain visibility and efficient inventory management so that inventory holding costs are minimized while customer satisfaction levels are maximized.

Returns, Exchange and Repair service
DB Schenker’s solutions for Return management, exchange and repair services are specially crafted to ensure a streamlined visible reverse logistics flow that places inventories back to your customer’s hands and into your supply chain quickly and easily. 
Our services encompass return parts verification, returns inspection and disposition, hygiene management for re-use, returns tracking throughout the supply chain, returns exchange and repair (through authorized partners).

Asset recovery and recycling
Ensuring the safe and secure recovery of obsolete and excess products for resale, recycling and/or disposal offers a new set of challenges which organizations can leverage to manage costs recovery and improve inventory holding strategies.  The right solutions will contribute to greater success of your organization.

Although DB Schenker is a global player, we are dedicated to be reached on a personal level to offer the after sales logistics support that will deliver greater convenience, better service and higher customer satisfaction levels.

So, let your customers know you are always there for them even after they buy your products and you can count on DB Schenker to be with you every step of the way.  Let us work together to build the best customer care program that optimizes cost-efficiencies for your organization!

Last modified: 26.02.2015

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