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Supply Chain Solutions

Worldwide supply chains – to needs

With our core competencies in global freight transportation management as well as a full range of logistics and supply chain management services covering every aspect of the production and distribution process,

DB Schenker has the right solution, "packed in a bag", to bring success to you today.

DB Schenker knows the importance of maximizing your potential in the Asian marketplace and global arena.  We understand that reliability, efficiency and knowledge are keys to improving productivity, reducing overall inventory costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

That is why DB Schenker has established a broad spectrum of supply chain services ranging from simple transportation to more complex contract logistics aimed to create the most efficient solutions that achieve the best performance for our customers.   Supporting this broad spectrum is our fundamental infrastructure:

  • Worldwide Integrated Multi-modal Transportation Network
  • Strategic Global Warehousing and Hub Facilities
  • Comprehensive Range of Logistics Services
  • Global Supply Chain Information Technology Systems and Visibility Tools
  • Market and Industry Specialists

The key to our success is the intelligent combination and coordination of different traffic carrier partners, multi-modal transportation options, the ideal utilization of our comprehensive logistics services, specialized industry knowledge and a good understanding of the multi-cultural and multi-regulatory  business environment and market of every country to ensure a cost efficient and effective supply chain best suited for your organization that creates intimacy with your supply chain partners and your customers.

Let DB Schenker meet all the precise needs and requirements of you and your customers and be the link that strengthens your market position throughout Asia Pacific and the globe.  Together, we will create a relationship that spans all elements of your supply chain, linking your business to your suppliers, customers and partners across the world. Delivering your products optimally from source to customers via DB Schenker’s dynamic and dependable services whilst providing visibility and optimization solutions throughout. Together, we will support your strategic vision, enhance your value chain and ensure that you succeed.

Last modified: 26.02.2015

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