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inLAND link

Comprehensive nationwide road & multimodal domestic transportation service

inLAND link is our standard domestic service able to handle your goods nationwide with our reliable road network and multimodal transport solutions. 

With clear structured costs and lead times, inLAND link is a cost effective and efficient transportation, enabling success on the last mile - one of the most critical elements of your supply chain. We ensure that your goods are delivered on time every time.

Our extensive network, and team of qualified experts manage the execution of transport orders via a robust process, achieving operational excellence. Our owned fleet supplemented by our preferred partners, ensures sufficient capacity available to meet your needs anytime of the year. Integrated Multimodal solutions including domestic rail, water transportation and domestic air combined with our road distribution services offer the most cost effective alternatives to send your freight in the most feasible lead time. 

Supported by the latest technology and our experienced Transport Planners, we ensure the most efficient transport solutions to meet your requirements. inLAND link is a standardized service able to deliver the level of quality that you expect, it is also flexible with a range of customizable options-- notification services, extra manning, pallet transfers, time schedules, security tracking, safety and regulatory demands, and much more. 

Last modified: 05.09.2016

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