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DB Schenker Retail and Footwear Logistics

A perfect fit with your supply chain.

In retail, profitability depends on being quick to market.  You’re only as profitable as the items you can sell. In retail, demand can turn on a dime, and success depends on being quick to market. DB Schenker’s flexible solutions give you the agility to respond to trends and fluctuations, and get product onto shelves when it needs to be there. 

Our retail team designs flexible logistic solutions that let you ship quickly. DB Schenker Logistics Solutions enables you to make changes on the fly, and get items into stores sooner. An  extensive network of global transit hubs gets your products from production to final delivery quickly,  reliably and cost-efficiently – and gives you the edge you need to succeed in a fiercely competitive market. We offer optimized distribution for rapidly shifting market demands, global sourcing, security and risk  management, vendor and inventory management, shipping to emerging markets, buyers consolidations, and GOH  specialty services to get your products to the right place at the right time at the right cost – every time.

Retail solutions at a glance:

  • The speed you need
    Let us help you optimize your cost to transit time ratio to suit your requirements. DB Schenker Jetcargo provides you  reliability and speed for your airfreight.  DB Schenker Ocean gives you maximum  flexibility to the most comprehensive ocean sailing schedules in the world.  DB Schenker Skybridge solutions marry the speed of air with the economy of ocean. 
  • Customized Solutions to meet your needs
    Whether it’s transportation, customs brokerage and consulting, end-to-end logistics, or oversea expansion, customized solutions will meet your needs and work with your budget.
  • Superior Capacity Management
    There is always cargo capacity available to you, even during peak periods.  We can  accommodate virtually any shipment anytime. Peak scheduling control allows you to meet short sales cycles and navigate supply and  demand fluctuations. 
  • End-to-end Visibility
    World-class cargo management software lets you command and control your shipments on-line. Platinum membership in Cargo 2000 and a full menu of EDI options ensure your cargo is always treated with care.

Footwear Logistics - Your solution for complete control and accurate cost per pair.

Let us simplify your footwear global supply chain.   Retailers must react quickly to constantly changing  consumer trends while timing manufacturing and distribution of products to meet seasonal demand.   The need to manage multiple vendors and suppliers at origin and to navigate a  complex global manufacturing and distribution network in order to achieve these requirements can be  daunting.   

We don't just move your goods; we streamline your complete supply chain. DB Schenker provides logistics solutions for the world’s leading footwear brands – everything from PO Management to Reverse Logistics. Your program is based on a fixed, delivered cost per pair.  We provide you with flexibility and innovation, important tools for maintaining a competitive advantage.

Footwear Logistics solutions at a glance:

  • The speed you need
  • Eco Solutions
  • Warehousing
  • Free Trade Zones (FTZ)
  • E-commerce
  • Reverse Logistics

DB Schenker Footwear Logistics. Greater Visibility, More Control, Lower Cost Per Pair.

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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