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DB Schenker Healthcare Solutions

We take care of the products that take care of people.

When it comes to patient safety, DB Schenker delivers.   DB Schenker provides specialized healthcare  logistics services, answering to all the specific needs required for successful, secure and compliant product  movement.   Shipping healthcare items poses unique challenges. Theft of high-value products, regulatory  compliance, storage challenges, speed and price can all be counted among the pain points faced by  manufacturers of healthcare products. DB Schenker meets every problem head on, with industry-leading  logistics solutions that get your shipment there at the right time, for the right price, with proof of pedigree.

DB Schenker keeps each healthcare shipment 100% secure and maintains the integrity of every item.  We offer quality programs, international expertise, and top security to leaders in multiple industries. Your high-value, cold chain and controlled products are always securely managed from a single source, and stay in expert hands from beginning-to-end.  With an unparalleled network of global offices in every major port and  industrial zone in the world, DB Schenker gives you more options, and more peace of mind, than any other logistics  provider serving the health care industry.

Healthcare solutions at a glance:

  • The speed you need
    Let us help you optimize your cost to transit time ratio to suit your requirements. DB Schenker Jetcargo provides you  reliability and speed for your airfreight.  DB Schenker Ocean gives you maximum  flexibility to the most comprehensive ocean sailing schedules in the world.  DB Schenker Skybridge solutions marry the speed of air with the economy of ocean. 
  • Regulatory expertise and compliance
    Our Healthcare professionals understand the ever changing regulatory environment.  We work to help keep you informed of changing  requirements that can impact your global  supply chain.
  • Security
    Worry free transport keep your shipment safe with special handing and monitoring for high valued shipments.  
  • Safe temperature controlled environment
    Our compliance experts ensure constant  monitoring and protection with enroute  temperature management to protect the  integrity of your cold chain pharmaceutical products. 
  • Supply Chain Optimization
    We provide customized end-to-end  supply chain solutions for the healthcare industry, from pharma products to medical devices, from manufacturers to POS requirements.  

Last modified: 13.08.2014

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