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Customer Notification – Ocean Freight

SOLAS – Shippers required to submit Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Certificates

DB Schenker takes matters of compliance seriously and in order to assist with submission of the VGM to the Carriers, DB Schenker will require completion of a VGM certificate from all shippers for all FCL shipments.

There has been much information regarding the changes in SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) regulations effective July 1st 2016 that requires shippers to submit to Carriers the verified gross mass (VGM) of all export containers.

* Mandatory Fields

  • Booking / Bill of Lading (BL) No.
  • Container No. (FCL Only)
  • Verified Gross Mass (VGM)
  • Unit of Measurement (KG or LB)
  • Authorized Person’s Signatory (in CAPITAL LETTERS)
  • Responsible Party Name
  • Date of Declaration
  • Method of Weighing (1 or 2) and Weighing Party Name

Method 1: weigh the container after stuffing by an approved government agency and/or facility

Method 2: separately weigh the cargo and contents (packing material) and add to tare weight

The Certification must be “signed”, meaning a specific person representing the shipper is named and identified as having verified the accuracy of the weight calculation on behalf of the shipper. The VGM should be submitted to DB Schenker via email.

Best practices indicate the VGM cutoff is likely to be the same as the documentation cut. In the case of a NO VGM, NO LOAD policy, it currently appears that some terminals in the USA & Canada will implement a “NO VGM, NO IN-GATE POLICY”. This means the VGM will need to be submitted before the container can be in-gated at the terminal. As more information becomes available DB Schenker will continue to provide timely updates to our customers as to best operational practice.

For customers using our LCL freight product that is consolidated in to DB Schenker’s LCL network, DB Schenker is the shipper of record for VGM purposes and we are responsible for data submission. We will be adopting method 2 to provide our VGM to the carrier. Further details on the LCL processes will follow shortly.

VGM processes may add costs to the supply chain and we are currently monitoring this very closely to determine whether a VGM fee will be applicable. We are certain that VGM will cause containers to not be loaded should the VGM not be supplied. DB Schenker will monitor any associated VGM costs and will keep you advised accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local DB Schenker office if you need any further information.

Last modified: 03.06.2016


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