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Eco Solutions – A Big Step for Your Ecological Footprint.

Environmental and climate protection are major challenges that will need to be tackled in the upcoming years. DB Schenker handles this responsibility for its customers by offering customer advice and green solutions.

Whether you transport your goods by truck, ship or airplane, store them in our warehouses, or transship them at our terminals, you can save CO2 everywhere. We can also optimize your supply chains by intelligently linking together different kinds of transport because less energy consumption means far-reaching protection for the environment.

Environmental advantages at DB Schenker:

  • International network connecting all modes of transportation
  • Transportation management according to economic aspects and environmental considerations
  • Individual configuration of your global transportation chains
  • Individual climate-friendly measures
  • Selection of the most environmentally friendly suppliers according to the customers own input
  • Appropriate environmental monitoring system
  • Exploration of appropriate measures to cut your emissions
  • Determination which of DB Schenker’s internal measures can make an additional contribution to environmental protection
  • Direct support of your climate protection targets
  • Projects designed in collaboration with the customer

Last modified: 22.08.2014

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