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Rangiermeister, DB AG, Bartlomiej BanaszakDeutsche Bahn takes top place in the prestigious climate protection ratings

Member of the Board Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch: CDP confirms our climate protection activities • 2013 brochure on sustainability KPIs published. more…

TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapam Am Games, Plexman Photography/Rob PoultonSchenker of Canada Limited Named Logistics Supplier of TORONTO 2015

More than a million items, from folding tables and chairs to basketballs, trampolines and kayaks, will need to be transported and carefully moved off trucks at more than 50 venues for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. more…

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Container loading, Heiner Müller-ElsnerPort Congestion surcharge – Suspension Announcement

Carriers have suspended or postponed the implementation of their announced Port Congestion Surcharge on TPEB. more…

Container loading, Heiner Müller-ElsnerPort Congestion Surcharge Effective November 26, 2014

Carriers re-introduce Port Congestion Surcharge more…

Ship in harbour, Rüdiger NehmzowGRI Notice Effective November 1, 2014

GRI Notice for Far-East to Canada more…


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